The Mountain

Felix wept. Through tears and bare tree branches The Mountain filled his vision, its snowy cap almost radiant in the light of the full moon. The Mountain had no name that Felix knew, but he thought of it as a stern grandfather; ancient, severe and unforgiving. The boy wrapped his wool cloak tight against the … Continue reading The Mountain

The Man With The Case

Sicily 1895 AD Giuseppe lounged in a cushioned chair and sipped wine thoughtfully in the late autumn sun. Servants in white smocks and wide brimmed hats toiled in the vineyard below. Someone, one of his grandchildren no doubt, cranked a subtle aria filtered through the speaker of a Victrola s omewhere in the villa behind him. Giuseppe did … Continue reading The Man With The Case

Unsolicited: Self-Promotion Blues

Hey welcome to Unsolicited, a new monthly addition to Mindful of Madness where I’ll spend a bit of time every month talking about what’s going on in my life and artistic pursuits. I’ll talk about writing and comedy and maybe even photography, always with the cynical, hard-nosed humor I work really hard to keep out … Continue reading Unsolicited: Self-Promotion Blues