Unsolicited: Jealousy

Earlier this week I re-watched Mike Birbiglia’s second directorial outing, Don’t Think Twice. It’s a great indie movie about an improv team at a crossroads. They’re all getting older, their theater is getting shut down and one of their members gets a job at Weekend Live, an SNL rip off so on the nose I’m … Continue reading Unsolicited: Jealousy

Unsolicited: Fear

There are a lot of reasons artistic endeavors fail; lack of talent or training, a weak personal support system or terrible personality. Hell, sometimes good old fashioned bad luck sinks an idea. But in my very humble estimation, FEAR the single greatest obstacle to good art. In the words of the late, great Frank Herbert, … Continue reading Unsolicited: Fear

Art in the Age of Quarantine

Well shit’s looking pretty grim my friends. Folks are dying, the stock market is in the toilet. Open mics are canceled. OH GOD THE OPEN MICS ARE CANCELED. If you aren’t a comedian, this is probably a relief. But for a very small percentage of the population, in these early days of the global pandemic … Continue reading Art in the Age of Quarantine