The Land

“Stand with us,” she said. “Stand against the tyranny of trolls. Stand up for the weak and defenseless, those who have less than you! It is your duty.” As if on cue, a troll slinked in from the shadows sneering, leering at the warrior with lust and derision. “Oh yes, stand with them,” he scoffed. “We only built this land. We only made it rich. And now the self-righteous would see us punished for every perceived slight and liberty.”

The Man With The Case

Eddie Grable sat behind the wheel of a borrowed Ford, humming Louis Armstrong and doing his best to ignore the sounds of nighttime in the woods. ​ The woods gave Eddie the creeps. He much preferred the solid pavement and semi-reliable streetlights of Brooklyn to the soggy roads and fickle moonlight of upstate New York. But Don Vito had given Eddie this job personally, and he’d be damned before he angered the man newspapers called, “The Baron of Brooklyn.”