Updates and Announcements:

Happy Monday everybody! We’re picking up steam here over at mindful of madness and by “we” I mean myself, my long suffering wife, Brittney, who toils through editing my first drafts and of course our intrepid feline ward Zuzu, who generally just gets in the way when I’m trying to type.

I want to say thanks to everybody who read and said nice things about The Man with the Case. If you haven’t checked it out yet please do!

It’s been a pretty good month productivity wise. I’m putting the finishing touches on the next couple of stories, and let me tell you having some breathing room on this project feels nice.

My next tale, Losing Sleep, which is, well, basically about just that, will go up the first Sunday in April. Sometimes writing can be a grind. It can take weeks or even months of plodding away in front of my computer screen to get a story right. Fortunately, Losing sleep, from inception to completion of the first draft, took me about a day. Hopefully you guys will have as much fun reading it as I did writing it.

I’d also like to announce that in April I’m adding a new feature to the blog. Every month, in addition to a short story, I’m going to write about something I like. A band, a movie, a person, food maybe. A lot of the stories I put out this year are going to be a bit dark so I feel like it’s only right to spread a little positivity as well.

Finally, I began the second draft of my very first Novel today. Tentatively titled “Sherwin, Indiana,” it’s the story of a girl born in a small Midwest town who knows everything. Literally everything. I finished the first draft at the end of last year and decided to put it in a drawer for a bit before tackling what I’m sure will be a long and grueling process. Hopefully I’ll have a draft ready for beta readers by the end of May so if you’d like to read an early version of my first book, drop me a line!

As always if you like what I’m doing here let me know! Leave a comment or shoot me a message at Mindfulofmadness@gmail.com or just hit me up on twitter @drewjokeringram, I’m usually down to chat.

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