It has been a dog’s age since I posted a blog! Since my last post I published a book, moved into what I hope is my forever home and developed a compulsive need to fulfill the rule of threes.

Finding the time to write has been really difficult lately but I managed to hammer out a couple drabbles (100 word stories) earlier today and liked how they turned out so I figured I’d share them here. Tell me what you guys think!

A Perfect Picture

It’s  the best shot I’ve ever taken. 

The young lieutenant’s face contorted in rage and fear, shouting into the radio hand mic. A Blackhawk reflected in one lens of his eyepro. The collapsing bloody body of a young infantryman named Gonzalez in the other.  

This shot could make my career. In a time before digital cameras it would have bought me a house. 

It is glorious. And safe on a plane somewhere over the Mediterranean I find glory unconscionable. I thumb the button with a trash can stenciled next to it and continue scrolling through my roll, conscience somewhat clearer.

Although I was a photo journalist in the army this story does not remotely resemble any kind of real events


He writes postcards to his wife. Sends them home from every hotel. When he finally makes it home it’ll be tragic to find them on the floor beneath his mailslot, but he sends them anyway. He hasn’t been home in a long time. There’s always one more city. One more gig. It’s been 18 months. The rest of the guys were understand but 18 months is too long to be on the road. 18 months. 437 gigs. 384 hotels. 384 postcards. The last one just read, “Fuck you for leaving.”  He’ll get home before it does. 

Short as they are these are the first stories I’ve completed since publishing Midnight Thoughts in November. It’s a pretty good by the way you can purchase it here! I am just a few sales away from breaking even, which as you know if you’ve read my blog before is my primary goal with every artistic endeavor, so it would be super groovy if you checked it out. If you’ve liked the things I’ve written here I promise you’ll like this book.

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