Episode Two: Tim Furlow – Painting

For Episode 2 of the Mindful of Madness Podcast I had the pleasure of sitting down with painter, punk rocker and all around cool dude Tim Furlow to talk about pointillism, pop art, and well, a whole lot of other stuff.

Tim’s been painting professionally for 6 years and while, at first glance, his style comes off like street art he actually blends pop influences with incredibly detailed technicality to make unique yet instantly recognizable pieces.

Tim is a grinder who’s always looking for commission and gallery work so you should absolutely check him out and BUY something. Making a living in the arts is hard and he’s making a real go of it so follow him @timfurlowfineart on instagram and facebook and if you like what you see, reach out!

And of course check out our conversation on our RSS feed here on Apple Podcasts here, on Spotify here. Or just type mindful of madness into the search bar of your preferred podcast app.

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