I have a podcast now and no I’m not embarrassed to tell you about it

Oh hi, it’s me Andrew, that guy who keeps sharing his projects all over your facebook timeline. I know you’re super interested in all of those things so I figured I should let you know I have a podcast now. It’s called Mindful of Madness (Branding bayybeee) and I’m not at all embarrassed I keep shoving the bullshit I make under your nose.

Ok it’s not bullshit. I’m actually really excited about it even if I’m not exactly excited about the promotion part. Every week I’m interviewing a different artist about the things they make and the business of making things. I already have a bunch of cool episodes banked with painters and comedians and musicians and I’ve got interviews lined up with a whole lot more.

My first episode is with the incomparable Soda Pop a singer/songwriter based out of Colorado Springs who has a fantastic album called Some People are Born After a While. It’s very good. You can find it on Bandcamp. Both the album and episode are a lot of fun. Here’s a picture of Soda I took at a show back in 2018.

You’re goddamned right he’s got a kazoo in a harmonica holder

Here’s that episode:

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(You can also find it on any of your preferred podcasting apps… Or at least that’s what Anchor promised… If it ain’t there give it a day.)

Oh, and just because I have to get used to saying it, rate and review and all that jazz. This is a tiny operation and every bit of affirmation we get not only tricks streaming algorithms into thinking we’re a big deal but also makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

I’m really excited to keep talking to these artists and hopefully steal all their secrets. If you’re an artist (literally any kind of artist), live near Colorado Springs, and want to talk about your process and the things you make, hit me up.

While I’ve got you here hit that like button and leave a comment. If you’d like to check out more of my weird stories and musings about life, the universe, and the meaning of existence, then subscribe to Mindful of Madness. You can also find me on twitter @drewjokeringram or on Instagram @andrewingram88. My comedy album, “This Was A Bad Idea” is on Spotify, iTunes or pretty much anywhere else you listen to music. Thanks, my self-esteem depends on you.

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