Shameful self promotion

Alright my literal dozen of readers the time has come for one of those posts I hate to write. Yep, I’m going to tell you about all my projects in the narcissistic hope that you’ll check them out, tell all your friends and one day I can quit my crusty day job. 

Will there be links? Damn right there will be links! AND videos. Hell we might even get real sexy and include a Spotify list embedded right in the blog (The outlook isn’t bright, I am functionally tech illiterate)

I’m not any happier about this than you are but hey I worked hard on this stuff and you’ll probably enjoy it even if I don’t exactly feel comfortable sharing it. 

So what first? Well I guess the album is a good place to start.

It’s funny because it’s a comedy album but I look sad on the cover… get it?

“This Was A Bad Idea” is still (and always will be) available pretty much anywhere you listen to music online. It’s caught more traction than I ever would have expected on Spotify with more than 10,000 listens. That’s not bad considering I made it at a little basement show in Colorado Springs. Sure that only translates to like $40 in cash money but I ain’t kicking 40 bucks out of bed. If you’d like to buy a physical copy, you can always DM me on Twitter (@drewjokeringram) or on instagram (@andrewingram88) I’d be happy to send you a CD if you venmo me $10.

Holy shit! I figured it out guys!

Lets see, what else is going on? Oh video sketches. I just put out a sketch about doing live comedy after months stuck at home. It’s pretty funny and my wife, Brittney, and good friend (and better comic) Ceasar Gonzalez helped me make it. Let me see if I can get that shit imbeded here:

Now that I think about it… Maybe making a sketch about being a bad comedian wasn’t a good idea

And now we get to the Really embarrassing stuff. Guys… I made a Tiktok account. WAIT DON’T GO!!!

I get it. If tiktok isn’t your cup of tea that’s ok, but I’ll say this; I’m having a lot of fun making these little videos in the past couple weeks. Since standup has essentially disappeared I’ve been posting a one joke set every day. It don’t hit like the real thing, but like methadone, it’s drastically improved my disposition since giving up the heroin that is stand-up comedy. If you enjoy the app give me a follow. My handle is andrewingram01 (One day I’ll fight the guy that got andrewingram and steal all his power.)

Finally, as always, I’m chugging away at this blog. There are a few times each month I’m genuinely terrified I won’t meet my self-imposed deadlines, but so far this year I’ve managed to hold to at least one piece of fiction writing a month as well as a couple other essay’s I HOPE are at least a moderately amusing. If this is the first time you’ve come across my work or haven’t dug into the backlog yet, here are a three very short pieces I don’t feel got the love they deserved when I posted them:

Hallowed Ground

A woman flees from a supernatural threat.

Be Cool

A Story about a criminal having a nervous breakdown after a job gone wrong.

The Guardians

Human explorers steak a claim on a young planet.

And I think that’s it. I was really excited to make a go of it in stand-up this year and obviously the universe conspired to make that impossible, so clearly I’ve dug in on every other creative outlet I can find. If you enjoy the stuff I make tell a friend or hell just tell me! I’m not immune to encouragement! Thanks for reading and supporting my very silly dreams.

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